Inclusion, Diversity and Equity

COS is present in over 40 markets around the world. As a global company our goal is to reflect the multicultural world of our colleagues and customers.

We know that inclusion and diversity is a complex and layered topic, with ever-changing issues and challenges across the many countries and cultures in which we operate. The culture we want to build on at COS is one where inclusion and diversity are always our priority.

We want to foster the type of environment where everyone can contribute to optimizing decision-making and team performance by reflecting, respecting and relating to our colleagues, customers and communities. There are many definitions of inclusion and diversity, and we want to embrace all interpretations — for us, inclusion is diversity in action! Diversity is the mix of people, while inclusion is actively advocating for that mix.

Since our launch in 2007, COS has striven to be a value-driven company. Here in the U.S., as with our larger global organization, inclusion and diversity is about who we are and who we want to be. It is about how we stay successful and relevant to our customers and colleagues.

As a step on this journey, we are pleased to share our U.S. employee demographic, which offers greater transparency on our progress. We acknowledge the demographic shared shows a part of our diversity within COS and are working hard to gather a greater representative overview of our Community of colleagues. We are committed to the work still to be done.

Graph Data includes all COS US employees store and office roles

Graph Data includes all COS US employees without direct reports

Graph Data includes all COS US employees with responsibility for direct reports

Graph Data includes all COS US employees store and office roles, with and without responsibility for direct reports.

In accordance with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and legal regulations, the data is a self-identified list, which is only H&M Group COS Brand data.  Per country legal regulations, the demographics shown does not include demographics from H&M Group Headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden.  

Our Commitments

We recognize the disparity that still exists for colleagues in the Black community in the US and we commit to making meaningful changes that address our culture, colleagues, community and the way we do business.
As part of a global brand, and the wider H&M Group, our approach/goals/commitments can be found here:

The following actions are in line with our overarching global commitments and are by no means exhaustive.

Provide mandatory Inclusion and Diversity education which underpins our work for all employees

Colleagues from North America actively contribute to the Global I&D Work group Forum* lobbying and advocating for improved I&D Actions

Secure all leaders receive development which directly enhances succession planning and the preparation of the next generation of leaders

*Global Inclusion and Diversity work group forum has recruited representatives from across the world, an employee resource group providing honest feedback and advocating for the necessary changes required to improve Inclusion and Diversity at COS. All members of this group were transparently recruited and are compensated for this additional responsibility.